About Us

Established in 1997, from the start Colman Communications Consulting (Colmancomm) has been a firm committed to improving the security posture of our clients. But more than that, our mission is to provide customers with the advice and expertise to help them not only operate securely, but to thrive in the face of the opportunities and security challenges of digital transformation.

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About Our Founder

Described by some as genuine unicorn Clem is an experienced business leader, and highly skilled security consultant and strategist, with a background in technical security. Recognised by many as a thought leader in cyber security Clem has worked with some of Australia’s most secure organisations as well as operating and directing some of the most significant private cyber security capabilities in the country. To customers Clem is known for his straight talk, pragmatism and ability to get to the heart of issues quickly, and ability to identify and champion solutions which are respectful, practical and ultimately effective.