Cyber Security Practice

Finding an organisation you can trust to help you with the confusing and complex area of cyber security can be difficult.

For over twenty years Colmancomm have been providing high quality services to organisations where cyber security is mission critical.

Our Services

Security Strategy

Cyber security budgets are under constant pressure to do more with less, and there has never been a more important time to ensure that every dollar you spend on cyber security is working effectively to make your organisation as secure and resilient as possible. Our security strategy team have the expertise and depth of experience to help your organisation understand the challenges that are coming in the cyber domain, and to help you put in place strategies and develop capabilities to be ready.


Going for IRAP certification can be a daunting task, which is made all the more difficult if you don’t seek out the right expertise at the start. The right advice at the right time will save your organisation from unnecessary cost and delay by making sure the necessary controls and documentation are in place. Our registered assessors can assist your organisation by preparing for, or performing IRAP assessments.

Pen Testing

Penetration testing provides the ultimate assurance of your organisation’s cyber security by testing your cyber security as an adversary would. Our professional hackers will show you where your systems are weak and provide you with reliable, actionable and accurate information to improve your cyber security. With a range of services including vulnerability assessments, social engineering, phishing, red on blue exercises and full scope penetration testing our team can provide your organisation with the frank information it will need to build genuine cyber resilience.